Sensibo Pure l Sensibo Pure Filter l Sensibo Elements Air Purifier and Monitoring Device

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Sensibo Pure:
Sensibo PureBoost™ technology makes the Sensibo Pure the smartest air purifier on the market. By activating PureBoost the Sensibo Pure will turn on your AC fan when pollution levels are high to increase airflow and purify more air by increasing circulation.

Sensibo Pure Filters:
Upgrade your indoor air quality with Sensibo Pure Filters, the ultimate solution for clean and fresh air. Designed with advanced airflow technology and precision engineering, Sensibo Pure Filters are specifically tailored to work seamlessly with Sensibo Pure air purifiers, creating a powerful combination that transforms every room in your living space into a haven of pure, pristine air.

Sensibo Elements:
Sensibo Elements Detect harmful airborne contaminants in your air & protect your family from the effects of breathing dangerous gasses, dust, wildfire smoke & allergens

Warranty: One Year


Brand Model EAN 
Sensibo Pure 7290016037210
Sensibo Pure Filter 7290016037227
Sensibo Elements 7290016037265