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ASUS ROG Azoth 75% Save 16%

ASUS ROG Azoth 75%

ASUS ROG Azoth 75%

by Asus ROG
Save 16%

ROG Azoth gaming custom keyboard with 75 keyboard form factor, gasket mount, three-layer dampening foam and metal top cover, highly customizable with hot-swappable pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches, ROG keyboard stabilizers, PBT doubleshot keycaps and lube kit, tri-mode connection with 2.4 GHz SpeedNova technology, OLED display, three-way control knob, three tilt angles, and Mac support

  • Unique gasket mount design
  • Tri-mode connection
  • OLED display and intuitive controls
  • Hot-swappable ROG NX mechanical switches
  • Enhanced typing experience
  • Switch lube kit
  • Ergonomic design
  • MacOS support
  • Warranty: 2 Years (Asus Singapore Service Centre)


NX Blue ASU-90MP0318-BKUA01 195553876148
NX Red ASU-90MP0316-BKUA01 195553875981
NX Snow White ASU-90MP031A-BKUA11 197105209497
NX Storm White ASU-90MP031B-BKUA11 197105209589
NX Snow Black  ASU-90MP031B-BKUA01 197105253667
NX Storm Black  ASU-90MP031A-BKUA01 197105253759
ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless Save 19%

ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless

by Asus ROG
Save 19%
  • Low-latency wireless audio
  • Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)
  • Extensive battery life
  • Wireless charging
  • Touch control
  • Water resistance
  • Warranty: 2 Years (Asus Singapore Service Centre)

Colors  MPN EAN
Black ASU-90YH03G1-B5UA00 195553504065
Moonlight White ASU-90YH03X1-B5UA00 195553911023
Asus ROG Gladius III Aimpoint Save 13%

Asus ROG Gladius III Aimpoint

by Asus ROG
Save 13%
  • Tri-mode connectivity: wireless 2.4 GHz RF, Bluetooth® LE 5.2, or wired USB.
  • 19,000 dpi with class-leading 1% deviation (specially tuned to 26,000 dpi), 400 ips optical sensor, and 1000 Hz polling rate.
  • Unique pivoted button design and tuned software for instant button actuation without unwanted clicks.
  • Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket II design enables hot swap compatibility with mechanical switches and Omron Optical Micro Switches to vary click force and extend lifespan of the mouse .
  • ROG Micro Switches offer consistent click force and a 70-million-click lifespan.
  • Laser-engraved ROG markings on the side of the mouse features RGB illumination.
  • ROG Paracord cable and 100% PTFE rounded-edge mouse feet ensure a swift and smooth glide.
  • Bluetooth fast pairing technology connects up to three devices.
  • Five onboard memory profiles make it easy to save customized settings.
  • DPI On-The-Scroll enables effortless on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Exclusive Armoury Crate software allows for easy and intuitive configuration.
  • Warranty: 2 Years.

Colour MPN  EAN
Black ASU-90MP02V0-BMUAOO 195553757720
Moonlight White ASU-90MP02V0-BMUA10 195553757768

Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Save 25%

Asus ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition

by Asus ROG
Save 25%

  • Pro-Tested Form Factor
  • Aim Lab Settings Optimizer
  • Lightweight 54-gram design
  • ROG AimPoint optical sensor
  • Tri-mode connectivity
  • ROG Speed Nova wireless technology
  • Onboard control
  • ROG Micro Switches
  • Anti-slip mouse grip tape
  • ROG Paracord and 100% PTFE mouse feet
  • NVIDIA®Reflex
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Color MPN  EAN
Black 90MP02W0-BMAA00 195553936422
Moonlight White 90MP02W0-BMUA10 197105136564