Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Lite Cockpit NLR-S022

by Next Level Racing
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Take it to the skies! Introducing the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Lite, the first foldable flight cockpit. The Flight Simulator Lite is the perfect cockpit for users that have limited space but still demand a rigid and immersive flight solution. To suit both Commercial and Combat flight enthusiasts, the Flight Simulator Lite is compatible with yokes, joystick, throttle, and rudders. It is compatible with all major electronics for racing and flight. The innovative Next Level Racing® Hubs provide rigidity while allowing quick setup and easy folding functionality for storage. *patent pending.”

The Next Level Racing® Hubs have been developed and engineered for over two years to offer ultimate durability and rigidity with each hub being able to withstand 150kg of force to ensure a solid flight position. The Next Level Racing® Hubs also make it a perfect storage solution, meaning the product can be folded and stored after usage.

The Flight Simulator Lite is designed to be compatible with a wide range of flight electronics on the market. Electronics such as flight yokes, rudders, joystick and throttles from the different manufacturers like Thrustmaster®, Logitech®, Saitek®, and Honeycomb® can be attached directly to the Flight Simulator Lite. Keyboard support can be used when the yoke is not being used or attached.

The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Lite’s unique design folds to pack away even with electronics attached, allowing the user to easily store their cockpit when not in use, making it the perfect cockpit for users that have limited space. This also allows the Flight Simulator Lite to be portable and for the user to take their flight setup to different locations.

The Flight Simulator Lite is the perfect solution for users that enjoy commercial, combat, and space flight simulation. With a wide range of height and distance adjustments, the Flight Simulator Lite can be used by a wide range of users. The Flight Simulator Lite is also compatible with most major racing electronics, allowing the user to experience racing and flight in the same compact cockpit with the ease of swapping electronics.